Born in Usuki Oita, Japan, SORA started learning shodo at the age of 6. More recently she has focused on the bokutensha method, studying under Master Futo Suzuki in Japanand Sekko Daigo in Portland, OR where she has built a portfolio of varied accomplishments, including referenced articles, exhibitions, and academic achievements.

SORA has always considered herself an artist, from early in her childhood, and has spent her life developing her craft and passion for calligraphy. She has begun performing as she creates her art, bringing the beauty, joy, and peace that comes with practicing shodo.

SORA listens to her inner voice as well as the voice of nature, and uses her body that nature provided her with to create her brilliant works of art. SORA wishes to use her sumi ink and her hands to create and entertain you with lines and kanji characters filled with movement and life. I am also able to collaborate with modern technology if you would like, so in that case please let me know.


“My motto, or my ultimate goal as an artist, is to listen to your voice, establish a deep connection from the deepest part of our souls to create SHODO art that can’t be found or created anywhere else.

Now, let’s create original and lively art for those in need and those we love, together!”